Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The word today is astrakhan which appeared on p 260 of The Houses in Between, by Howard Spring. This is a word I have been coming across for years and never looked up, knowing only that it had something to do with coats and hats. Since I read a lot of historical fiction, it must have been quite the rage at one time.

According the Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition it is a noun meaning:
1. a loosely curled fur, made from the pelt of very young lambs originally bred near Astrakhan (a city & port in SW Russia, on the Volga River delta near the Caspian Sea.)

2. a wool fabric with a pile cut and curled to look like this.

So definition two would not exactly be a fake fur, but a man made wool creation similar to the real thing.

My sentence: His matching astrakhan coat and hat were inappropriate outer wear for Los Angeles but definitely gave him a Russian air.

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  1. Anonymous3:22 PM


    My sentence: The activist was not sure if the woman's astrakhan jacket was the real thing or a fake, so he tossed red paint over it "just in case."

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