Friday, July 26, 2013


After all these years I am still in a bunch of reading groups. The ones I attend have members who actually read the books and we actually discuss them. Sometimes I read books I would not otherwise have picked. Sometimes lately I opt out and decide not to read the chosen book and then I don't attend the meeting. Mostly I am enriched both by the books we pick and the discussions we have. 

Here is what these groups will be reading in August:

The New Book Club (we are a splinter group of an older club)
Tina's Group (she makes us dinner!)
Once Upon A Time Bookstore Adult Fiction Group
One Book At A Time (meets in a Mexican Restaurant)
Bookie Babes

Are you in a reading group? Why? What are you reading in August?


  1. Boy, amazing that you can keep up with so many different ones! I don't belong to one - far too moody about what I choose to read - sometimes it has to be trash and sometimes good stuff - varies from day to day or even hour to hour...

  2. My burning need to discuss books with people overcomes all other factors. Though lately if I really don't want to read a particular book, I just skip that month's meeting.