Sunday, September 06, 2009


I don't usually post links to other stuff on my blog, as many lit bloggers do. I like to keep my blog purely about books and authors. But I couldn't resist on this cool article from The New York Times about people reading on the subway. It is such a cross-section of people, who they are, what and why they read. There is also a related slide-show.


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  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyd this! The article reminds me of my subway riding days in New York. In those days, the trains were not air-conditioned. I rememer that in the summer during rush hour, I would be pressed against perspiring people packed like sardines on the long ride from Jackson Heights all the way to Wall Street. It was easy to read the paper or a book without holding on; my fellow passengers kept me upright.

    Signed, from A to Z