Tuesday, September 29, 2009


(For background on this post, see My Big Fat Reading Project.)

In a couple days, I will have finished reading my book list for 1955. Due to several factors, but mostly due to the extremely low level of excitement I have felt for the books of the 50s, it has taken me ten months to work through this list.

Last spring I joined a writing group in hopes of having some company for the lonely act of writing and in expectation of having a monthly deadline for producing work. It has worked out fabulously in both respects. I am basically a lazy person who can drift for days and weeks without accomplishing a darn thing unless I have deadlines, which I define as the line beyond which you are dead. My writing group members are wonderful, kind and sharp people; just what I need because I also suffer from low self-esteem as a writer. There, that is enough sharing.

So I have been re-writing the earlier chapters I wrote for the memoir of reading I hope to finish before I die; then reading them to the group. It is all working out fine, except that I have not written a new chapter since last November. You can read the first drafts of my chapters on this blog here.

I had a pattern of posting the list of books for each year with their reviews just before I would post a new chapter. That pattern is now in shambles and behind the times. I finished the books for 1955 late last year but have not ever posted the list of the reviews for them, because I have been not writing the chapter for 1954. So what, you say.

So I am going to try a new pattern. First I will post the reviews, individually of those books I read for 1955, interspersed with the stuff I am currently reading. Reading all those books from 60 years ago has paid off richly for me in terms of background to current fiction, seeing the trends and changes over the years and learning lots of history. I would like to share what I have found. Later, when I am ready to post a new chapter, I will precede it with a summary of the list.

Once again, thanks to my readers here at Keep The Wisdom. I have a feeling there are many more readers than I know about and I welcome you once again to leave comments, especially if you have read a book I have reviewed. I truly love to know what other readers think about the books I have read.

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