Thursday, December 10, 2015


The joys and overeating of being in so many reading groups:
 Five extra Christmas/Hanukka parties.
Voting on our favorite book of the year.
Secret White Elephant book exchanges where you get books no one wants to read.
Eating, drinking, and celebrating the reading life.
Here are the books my groups are reading in December. (One of these days I will get this post done at the beginning of the month. Ha Ha.)
New Book Club:
Tiny Book Club:
Tina's Group:
Bookie Babes:
Party Only!!
One Book At A Time:
And not one sappy holiday book in the bunch. Well, Art of Racing in the Rain has the potential for sappiness but is not a holiday story. I will let you know.
What are your reading groups doing this month?


  1. That's an interesting line-up of reads. The only one I'm familiar with is The Japanese Lover and that one's definitely a winner. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. I did enjoy it. Allende never lets me down!

  2. Hmm. What's Wingshooters about? I haven't heard of that one. I liked the *Racing in the Rain* book; we'll have to compare reviews on that one once you finish. These look like good book club books for December. My book club is reading The Girl on the Train for January. So much for Angle of Repose -- I guess the book chooser switched it out b/c there was only one copy of it at the library. hmm.

  3. Wingshooters is a 2011 novel by Nina Revoyr, whose Lost Canyon came out this year. It was excellent though sad. I hope I like Racing in the Rain. Starting it tomorrow. My reviews are usually posted a few weeks after I read the book. Angle of Repose is a great discussion book and just between us, a much better book than Girl. But since Girl is still a big bestseller it probably has a long wait list.

  4. I have The Art... on my reading list. I guess if you're an animal lover you'll enjoy it despite the sappiness. Waiting for your reviews to see what's good.

    1. So far I have read The Japanese Lover and Wingshooters. Both great. How is your looooong read coming?

    2. I know, it is pretty frustratingly to spend so much time on a book that is not that long if you think about it, but I was catching up with season 5 of Games of Thrones and season 3 of Homeland over the Thanksgiving weekend plus I watched two movies last weekend, and time has just flown by. Hopefully I will post something this weekend, movie related.

    3. I'm eagerly awaiting your review of The Japanese Lover; my experience with her so far is two good books out of three; one being phenomenally good, House of Spirits, her masterpiece.

    4. Look forward to it Carmen!