Monday, October 23, 2006


There Will Never Be Another You, Carolyn See, Random House Inc, 2006, 242 pp

I loved this book. It is extremely readable. It is spot-on about the modern world. It has wonderful characters who are complex, the way real people are. One of these characters makes a huge leap into freedom and is successful at it.

The main character is Edith, in her mid-60s and bereft over the loss of a husband she truly loved. Edith is not particularly well-adjusted or even wise. She is the first to admit that she was lacking as a mother. She is quite unmoved as a grandmother. I guess I liked her so much because she is a seventies woman all grown up and like myself, pretty dismayed at the world we got.

As for why else I loved it, I can only say that I was deeply touched in a way I don't totally understand. Here I am reading two to three novels a week and I like it these days when I can't quite figure out how the author managed to wow me.

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