Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Thin Place, Kathryn Davis, Little Brown and Company, 2006, 275 pp

Oh how I loved this book! It is like a prayer, like a fine wine, like a peony. It is unusual, definitely not a page-turner and yet I never wanted to stop reading it. There are scads of characters of all ages, human and animal. It is a story about death that is really an impassioned plea for and worship of life.

Mees is a sixth-grade girl with a gift. I won't say what that gift is because the reader discovers it gradually, which is part of the magic of the book. The thin place refers to a mystical belief that there are locations in the world where the material and spiritual easily pass back and forth. If you want to know more, you must read The Thin Place.

One more thing: Kathryn Davis has a master's skill at creating characters. In just a few words, mostly through dialogue and actions, she gives you a character and you feel you've known that person for years.

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