Wednesday, January 27, 2010


                     WEDNESDAY MEANS 

                      WORD OF THE DAY!

Today's word is malapert and once again comes from Little, Big by John Crowley, page 75. (I had to look up so many words in that book.) 

malapert is considered an Archaic word, meaning that it is rarely used today but occurs in earlier writings. 

It is an adjective meaning saucy; impudent; pert.
It is also a noun meaning a saucy, impudent person.

It comes from Old French mal which meant badly plus appert which meant experienced or deft; influenced by apert which meant open, bold.

My sentence: When dealing with serious, annoying people, I tend to become malapert.

What is your sentence?

(Last week there were four sentences posted in the comments. That is the most ever in the history of this blog. I was SOOO excited! Thanks to all.)


  1. Kate Roche'-Sudar2:10 PM

    I probably seemed malapert to those in my junior english class, but the teacher was seriously inept.

  2. Jake Bolduc3:50 PM

    Emma really liked her new friend Janie but thought her sister Sue was quite the malapert.

  3. Emma Bolduc3:50 PM

    The girl at school was malapert.

  4. Jordan Bolduc3:51 PM

    Annie thought her grandmother was malapert but she realized she was actually a really nice old woman.

  5. Peg Bolduc3:53 PM

    Lona thought the server was extremely malapert to the hostess during the lunch rush!

  6. Thanks to all of you for the brilliant sentences!