Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Today the stat counter on my blog tells me that there have been 8000 page views in the history of Keep The Wisdom. I realize that this is no where near viral, but it is still a good high number. I started the blog to share what I find in my reading. I haven't used any gimmicks or marketing tricks because deep down I don't really believe in that stuff. I am happy that enough people are interested in what I have to say to visit the blog.

The largest number of visitors are from the United States but I now have readers from all over the world. That is so exciting to me! In just the past month I have had people from the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, India, Ukraine and Iran.

Thank you to all; the faithful readers, the occasional visitor, even the one time curious person, even the ones who come by mistake looking for something else. I feel strongly that sharing ideas and knowledge is the key to a more peaceful, vibrant and happy life for the inhabitants of Earth. I find much wisdom in fiction. It is a last bastion of freedom of speech because the author can always claim that his writing is just imagination. When anyone starts trying to police imagination we are in real trouble.

The only thing I wish is that more readers would leave comments. Without the comments, sharing my ideas feels one sided. So if you wouldn't mind taking the time, please say hello or give an opinion on one of my reviews. You certainly don't have to agree with me. If you have trouble with the comments function, you can go to the profile page and send me an email.

Thanks again. I will let you know when we reach 9000.



  1. Wow Judy, that's great! Congratulations on your page views!Thanks for sharing all your book reviews. I only wish I was a faster reader!

  2. Thank you Susan for your comment. What are you reading now? It is not so much how much you read, but that you do!

  3. I actually picked up Stuart Little by E.B. White. I never read it and since I'm in the middle of some stressful stuff, I thought a book for younger ones would ease my mind so I can sleep at night. That works great and it's such a cute story. I always had thing for dressed up mice!