Tuesday, February 03, 2015


I attend reading groups because I love to talk about books. Not TV shows, not my grandkids, maybe movies if they were made from books. Most of the members of the groups I attend are women, but they come in all ages and stages. I like to think we are doing some good for the world as we discuss and explore all the cultures, ways of life, and people that struggle with life; all the millions of ways people live and die, love and hate, win and lose. Of course, the wine is good if we have it, and the food, though some groups have neither. Still I go. And lately, the same books come up in more than one group. That is good in two ways: I have less books to get through in a month and the discussion gets broadened.

Here are the groups and their chosen books for February:

The New Book Club:

Once Upon A Time Adult Reading Group:

One Book at a Time:

Bookie Babes:

Tiny Book Club:

The Girly Book Club:

If you attend reading groups, why do you go and what do you enjoy about the meetings?


  1. I'm struggling through "The Blue Flower" by Penelope Fitzgerald. I'll be interested to hear why our book club host for February selected it.

    1. I have only read The Book Shop which I liked but it was subtle rather than gripping. The Blue Flower was the last book she wrote before the end of her life. It sounds rather cerebral.

  2. I'm planning to read both Galbraith/Rowling books in the next few months. I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who hasn't read anything by her. Also coming is the reading of The Signature of All Things, which I started last July and put aside after reading the first hundred pages; pity though, because I was liking it. I know you already reviewed them, so I'll read your review again after I read and post mine to compare notes.

    1. You have some good reading ahead of you! The Signature of All Things was one of my favorites last year.