Sunday, November 01, 2015


Now begins two months of eating! Oh boy. But best of all, in So Cal, now begins the months of cooler temps and possible rain. The best reading days of all!

And I will start that season out with a bang because all the November reading groups are bunched into the first three weeks due to Thanksgiving. Here we go!

The Tiny Book Group:
I have already read this and discussed it last month at Laura's Group. But The Tiny Book Club is a Nina Revoyr fan group plus we are meeting at The Trails Cafe in Griffith Park for our discussion!
Laura's Group:
Really looking forward to this one because most of my Thanksgivings as an adult took place in the Midwest with my family of super cooks!
Molly's Group:
I am a Murakami virgin. And it's a LONG book. I wonder how I will do. And yes, I joined another reading group.
Once Upon A Time Adult Reading Group:
Not sure I want to read this. Sounds a bit too heartwarming. But it is translated from the Swedish, so maybe.
 Bookie Babes:
 One Book At A Time:
I have also already read this one but that is a good thing. I have a lot to get through this month and it is a great discussion book.
What are your reading groups discussing this month? Do you go to actual live meetings or discuss on-line? Any recommendations for good reading group titles?


  1. Some of them have received some buzz on Amazon like Kitchens..., A man..., and A spool...
    Looking forward to your reviews, as always. And enjoy your lively club discussions.

    1. I am reading Kitchens right now. It is hilarious and touching at the same time.

  2. I don't really do well in reading groups because I like my reading to be spontaneous - reading what I want when I want - but it looks like you have some very interesting reading ahead of you. The only one of these I've actually read is A Spool of Blue Thread which I enjoyed because I'm a big Tyler fan. I, too, am a Murakami virgin, but I have him on my list and I hope to get to him soon.

    1. I get it. Somehow I manage to do both because I just need to talk to people in real life about books. Often I get the books I want to read picked by the reading groups. I love Anne Tyler and I like how she writes novels with characters that age as she does.

  3. Your reading groups sound like fun. My, you must have to plow thru in time. My one book group is reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomenon for a Dec. 7 discussion (we meet at each other's houses in the evening), which I picked since it received so much talk back in 2013. Then the book group picked Stegner's Angle of Repose for January, which in all these years I haven't gotten to. But I did read his "Crossing to Safety." So it will good to read Repose (as a Californian there is no excuse!). I do have a copy of the Ove book sitting around but I know what you mean about too heartwarming. Maybe that's why I havent picked it up yet -- maybe a bit of the Rosie Project about it. ha! Enjoy your reading. Thanks to you I definitely have Lost Canyon on my TBR list.

    1. Thanks. They are fun and we all discuss well. Constellation is a wondrous book and excellent for discussion. I have read a lot of Stegner. I liked Crossing to Safety better than Angle of Repose, even though I guess Angle is his most famous. And yes, the Rosie Project, amusing as it was, may have warmed my heart permanently. No need for more warming-:)