Monday, October 10, 2005


I love Margaret Atwood. I love everything she writes. I have read all of her novels and short story collections. I have read a collection of her literary lectures called Negotiating With the Dead. This year she released Writing With Intent, Essays, Reviews, Personal Prose. It is exactly as the title says; a collection of her writing over many years including plenty of book reviews of books I've read or plan to read. The publisher is Carroll & Graf and I found the book on the New Book shelf of my public library.

Every selection is totally interesting because even in these non-fiction pieces her humor, her unique view of human nature, history and literature and especially her very incisive and sane views about women are there as clearly as in her fiction. At the risk of going on and on, I think she may be the most intelligent woman writing today.

If you are a Margaret Atwood fan, I highly recommend reading some or all of this volume. Also, I saw on another blog a speculation or rumor (not sure which it was) that Atwood could win the Nobel Prize for Literature. I think that would be justice.


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  2. My favourite author is Margaret Atwood :-)

    1. She is in my top three! Along with Toni Morrison and Barbara Kingsolver.