Saturday, February 18, 2006


As foolishly promised weeks ago, I am working on Chapter 2 of my pre-book, which has the working title of Reading For My Life. (To read Chapter 1, go to the December 2005 archives, then to December 4.)

I've made a couple attempts to pull this chapter together but so far I am not satisfied. Since I read the books for this period about three years ago, it has been hard to really immerse myself in the emotions and thoughts I had at the time. (To learn about the entire project see My Big Fat Reading Project, July 6, 2005; in the July archives.)

In an attempt to break through the writer's block here, I have decided to blog about the books I read in 1941. We will see if it works. Thanks to my readers for being patient with me. Charles Dickens I am not and besides there is no paycheck involved...yet?

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