Sunday, November 26, 2006


I know, I've been missing for quite a few days. Last week I took a trip to the heartland (Michigan and Ohio) to visit family. It was a brilliant move, suggested by my son, to go the week before Thanksgiving. No crowds, less expensive airfares, no traffic on the interstates. I went with my son who lives in LA and saw my mom, sisters, a niece, my other son and his wife and my three amazing grandchildren. I still ate too much but none of it was turkey. While in Ohio with my older son's family we saw 6 movies in three days, including "Casino Royale" which was fabulous. The new James Bond is the best one yet.

In Michigan I visited my favorite Ann Arbor bookstore, Shaman's Drum, and picked up an anthology of Ann Arbor writers. I didn't do much reading. We flew out on the red-eye and I tried to read an Ian Rankin mystery thriller, but I retained nothing and had to start over. Sleeping was not something we did much of since we had a lot of people and places to see in just a few days. It turns out that being underslept does not lend itself to reading.

So I returned and spent a few days catching up on sleep, laundry and all that other stuff. I finally got back to my usual reading pace and have now got lots of books to write about. My husband and I were invited by friends for Thanksgiving and still we did not eat turkey. I could get used to Thanksgiving without the bird; didn't miss it a bit.

As mentioned in my last post, blogger has some new features. I faced my fears tonight and got switched over to the new system, which is why the blog looks a bit different. There will soon be the easier archives and a list of other blogs that I recommend. It's all good. I may be able to finish out my life without having to learn html (computer language). That would be fine because I have an awful lot of books to read.

I hope your holidays were fine, that you didn't miss me too much and that you can do all your Christmas/other faiths shopping on-line.

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