Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I haven't posted for over a week because I took a trip to Dunedin, Florida, a small town outside of Tampa, to visit my son and his family. I had not seen my grandchildren since a year ago July at my mother's memorial service in Michigan. I understand that I am prejudiced, but I truly have the best grandchildren in the world. 

 Jordan is twelve and growing into a lovely teenage girl who loves to sing, choreograph her own dance routines and play volleyball. Emma is nine and is as addicted to reading as I am, while also being a natural actress and comedienne. Ethan is five and a half, loves soccer, Legos, and is a bit spoiled because he is the baby. I got to visit each one in their class at school and do some work with them. We went to the beach on both Saturday and Sunday, watched the sun set and the moon rise.

 When I left, we all cried. Emma cried the most. Nine years old is a very emotional year. I remember. Yesterday I spent a sad day getting over the fact that I will not see them everyday. But they are coming to Los Angeles for Christmas and hopefully moving here next year. 

 We now return to book reviews.

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