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I have now posted reviews of almost all the books I read from 1957 for My Big Fat Reading Project. In general, the books in this year show a continuation of the change from a long tradition of historical novels, dense and formal writing, a certain stodginess (in my opinion) to lighter, currently relevant stories told in livelier prose with examples of innovation. New authors appearing on the list include Ayn Rand, Muriel Spark, Marion Zimmer Bradley, V S Naipaul and John Barth.

If you know of anyone important that I missed, I would be glad to hear about it.


1.By Love Possessed, James Gould Cozzens
2. Peyton Place, Grace Metalious
3. Compulsion, Meyer Levin
4 .Rally Round the Flag, Boys!, Max Shulman
5. Blue Camellia, Frances Parkinson Keyes
6.  Eloise in Paris, Kay Thompson
7. The Scapegoat, Daphne du Maurier
8. On the Beach, Nevil Shute
9. Below the Salt, Thomas B Costain
10 Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand


1.    PULITZER: none
2.    NBA: The Field of Vision, Wright Morris
3.    NEWBERY: Miracles on Maple Hill, Virginia Sorensen
4.    CALDECOTT: A Tree is Nice, Janice Udry
5.    EDGAR: A Dram of Poison, Charlotte Armstrong
6.    HUGO: None
7.    April Lady, Georgette Heyer
8.    The Assistant, Bernard Malamud
9.    The Bridge at Andau, James A Michener
10.                  Citizen of the Galaxy, Robert Heinlein
11.                  The Comforters, Muriel Spark
12.                  Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury
13.                  A Death in the Family, James Agee
14.                  The Deep Range, Arthur C Clarke
15.                  Deep Water, Patricia Highsmith
16.                  The Door Into Summer, Robert Heinlein
17.                  The Edge of Darkness, Mary Ellen Chase
18.                  Edna St Vincent Millay, Tobey Shafter (biog)
19.                  Falcons of Narabedla, Marion Zimmer Bradley
20.                  The Floating Opera, John Barth
21.                  Giants of Jazz, Studs Terkel
22.                  Houseboat Girl, Lois Lenski
23.                  Justine, Lawrence Durrell
24.                  Loser Takes All, Graham Greene
25.                  Memories of a Catholic Girlhood, Mary McCarthy
26.                  Mrs Daffodil, Gladys Tabor
27.                  The Mystic Masseur, V S Naipaul
28.                  The Naked Sun, Isaac Asimov
29.                  On the Road, Jack Kerouac
30.                  The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold, Evelyn Waugh
31.                  Palace of Desire, Naguib Mafouz
32.                  Papa, You’re Crazy, William Saroyan
33.                  Pnin, Vladimir Nabokov
34.                  Raising Demons, Shirley Jackson
35.                  The Sandcastle, Iris Murdoch
36.                  The Short Reign of Pippin IV, John Steinbeck
37.                  Sugar Street, Naguib Mafouz
38.                  Thunder on the Right, Mary Stewart
39.                  The Town, William Faulkner
40.                  White Man Listen, Richard Wright
41.                  The White Negro, Norman Mailer
42.                  A Winter’s Love, Madeleine L’Engle

Nobel: Albert Camus (French)

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