Thursday, April 21, 2011



Dear Readers,
I have been absent from the blog for almost three weeks. I thank all of you who have continued to visit. I have a really good excuse though. 

On March 28, my son, his wife and three children moved from Florida to Los Angeles. They joined myself and my husband in our two bedroom house for nine days while they waited for their moving van to arrive. 

Meanwhile, my husband and I closed on the purchase of a house on March 31 and I began packing up our stuff while hubby worked an unusually heavy schedule of double shifts. He is a free-lance guy, so when there is work, he works. After three days of haggling and other problems, the former owners finally got all of their stuff out of our new house. Then the real work began.

Honestly, it was the filthiest dwelling I have ever moved into. So at first all I could do was clean the new house half the day, pack the old house the other half, then fix dinner for our extended family. Oh yes, and with 7 people to feed everyday we kept running out of food, so somewhere in there I would run to the store for more. While my son and daughter finalized the renting of their apartment, bought a car, etc, I watched the grandkids. That was actually the best part, because I am so happy to have them around.

Finally on April 12, our own moving van came, loaded up our furniture, my 30 boxes of books, and all the other stuff and moved it the mere four miles away. That of course took all day and they managed to put little nicks in almost every piece of furniture, but at least everything was pretty much in the right room. The next day, my daughter-in-law, who is a top notch cleaner, helped me clean the old house while hubby and son finished moving the inevitable final truck loads of odds and ends. 

So Wednesday, April 13, I got up from my bed in the new house and started unpacking. That process continues but I am down to the last boxes. Still cleaning, inside and out but the end is in sight. Yesterday, I got my "desk" out of the two banker boxes and began to get a grip on what used to be my real life. And here I am.

We have a fabulous house in a nice tree-filled neighborhood at the top of a hill. That sounds luxurious and in a sense it is, but really it is just a good house in a cool spot that does not feel like LA. In fact, it is just on the verge of being rural. Once I get over my exhaustion, it is going to be an ideal place to do what I love best: read, write, cook and grow flowers. 

And one day I will write the tale of the move because it was full of hilarious, horrendous and unbelievable moments, just like a novel.

Tomorrow I will be back with a book review. Thanks again for sticking with me. 

Do you have a good moving tale?

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  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Hi Judy, I don't have a moving tale, just wanted to say congrats on the new house!