Monday, June 18, 2012


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the link I have used in my reviews of this series is no longer openly available. All of the original hardcover editions of the books are out of print, but can be found in libraries or purchased from used book sellers. This year an indie publisher, Open Road, has begun to release the series in eBook and paperback. So far seven titles have been released. This is good news because the books preserve a way of American life that is virtually gone: different regions of the country with varying ways of life and traditions. Ms Lenski's series is an important historical legacy for children in my opinion.


Bayou Suzette 1943
Strawberry Girl 1945 (Newbery Award 1946)
Blue Ridge Billy 1946
Judy's Journey 1947
Boom Town Boy 1948
Cotton in My Sack 1949
Texas Tomboy 1950
Prairie School 1951
Mama Hattie's Girl 1953
Corn Farm Boy 1954
San Francisco Boy 1955
Flood Friday 1956
Houseboat Girl 1957
Coal Camp Girl 1959
Shoo Fly Girl 1963
To Be a Logger 1967

Most of the titles are reviewed on my blog or soon will be. Just enter the title in the search window and you will find the review. I would be interested to know of anyone who has read these books as a child or is reading them to children now, at home or in schools or libraries. Feel free to leave comments and especially to tell of the reactions of modern kids when they hear or read the books.

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