Tuesday, January 02, 2007


As was bound to happen, the New Year is here. I had the most fun, exciting and active holiday season I've had in a while. Lots of friends getting together for parties, food, music and talk. Despite all of the horrific events that the governments and media of the world prepared for our holiday depression, we managed to steer clear of too much political discussion and it was unanimously agreed that praying for peace, in whatever form each of us prays, was a good daily activity for all.

I have much to look forward to in 2007. Tomorrow I start a new job as a bookseller at one of my favorite local independent bookstores. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can visit me there and buy lots of books from me. Once Upon A Time is located in Montrose, CA, just off the 210 freeway on Honolulu Ave at the corner of Ocean View. It is a comfortably packed store of fine literature and a huge selection of childrens and young adult books. In addition are scadillions of gift items from stuffed dragons to reader's toys.

I have also committed to playing a live show of my music in February. I am practicing guitar every day now and building up some new calluses while pulling my songs out of the oblivion of stored, no longer used items in my memory banks. I haven't performed for over two years and I am a little anxious about it but at "show time" I always come through.

Small self-promotion: If you want to check out my music, you can go to my music website: http://judykrueger.com. It is very out of date and all of the ordering information for my CDs is wrong, but you can email me directly from the site and tell me what you want. You can also find my first 2 CDs at CDBaby.com. My third CD was never marketed but can be ordered from me by email.

With all the new activity, I hope I can still get enough work done on my memoir, Reading For My Life, so that there is a chance of getting it done in this lifetime. I will have a lot of extra reading to do for the bookstore job, but I am encouraged to note that I read more books this past year than ever before in my life, so I am on a roll.

Coming up here on the blog are: The 1950 chapter of Reading For My Life.
My Top 10 (or more) List of Favorite Books from 2006.

Thanks so much to all of my readers this year. Your comments and feedback have been enjoyed by me more than I can express. Keep them coming!

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