Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have been notified by a couple readers that I am missed on the blog. Thanks for the nudge. On January 2, I started the new job at the bookstore. After a wonderful six months of not working, it was a shock, though I love the job. Have to get up at a certain time. Have to be gone to work for 24 hours a week, including driving. Plus my tutoring business suddenly filled up with kids who can't do their math.

When the going gets tough (and I fully realize that plenty of people work full time jobs and still get other things done), I get extremely anxious about my reading time. So besides religiously exercising off the holiday pounds and keeping my husband fed, all else I have been doing is reading.

And even my TBR pile has grown bigger because I got some great books for Christmas presents plus my new boss wants me to be well read in the Young Adult area. Phew! But thanks to some kind words from certain readers (I respond well to kindness), here I am at the computer on a Sunday morning composing a post or two for the blog. I haven't even read the NYT Book Review yet.

Today I will give you the final section of books read for 1950. A second post will be the promised Favorite Books of 2006. Then somehow this coming week, I hope to finish the chapter on 1950, in which my sister gets born and I learn about sibling rivalry.

How has your new year started off? What are you reading now? Comments are welcome.

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