Thursday, February 15, 2007


Curse of the Blue Tattoo, L A Meyer, Harcourt Inc, 2004, 488 pp

In #2 of the Bloody Jack Adventure series, Jacky begins her days as a student at the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston. (The previous book ended with Jacky being found out as an impostor: a girl pretending to be a boy on an English Navy ship. She had a stash of money from a reward she received for helping to bring in a pirate ship. She was "released" from the Navy in Boston and her money put into the keeping of the headmistress of the above mentioned school. She also had to leave Jaimy, her one true love.)

Of course, Jacky is not really cut out for the life of a schoolgirl and continues to get into plenty of trouble. After each downfall she rises again and moves on. She makes friends wherever she goes and a few very dangerous enemies, including a Puritan minister who claims to want to save her soul but has much more dastardly intentions.

Curse of the Blue Tattoo was almost twice as long as the first volume and maybe a bit too long. Some of the incidents were quite improbable but I suppose that is part of the style in which he is writing. Overall I enjoyed the whole story.

I wish I was as intrepid as Jacky Faber, but then I almost was when I was younger. The question at the end of the book is: will she and her love Jaimy ever get to be together again?

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