Monday, March 05, 2007


Yes, I went missing again. I have been reading. I have been getting used to our new computerized check out system at the bookstore. I have been exercising and getting rid of the winter flab. I have been working out in my yard.

I noticed when I logged in to blogger tonight, that the last post was #200! Pretty good for me who doesn't stick to things very well. Except reading. So here is a book I read so that I could rent the movie. Jennifer Weiner is a serious defendant of chick lit. It was the first of her books I had read.

In Her Shoes, Jennifer Weiner, Atria Books, 2002, 421 pp
This is the story of two sisters, now adults, who lost their mother to mental illness and an accident when they were small. They were raised by a grief-stricken dad and a stepmother whom they despised. Rose is the elder, the responsible one who tried to take care of her younger sister Maggie. Rose is a lawyer, has a big body, no social skills and is clueless about fashion, except shoes. Maggie is wild, irresponsible, always in trouble but thin, gorgeous and has extraordinary fashion sense. They both wear the same size shoes.

The writing is just below OK. The plotting is odd: goes well for a while, then gets unbelievable, back and forth. The characters are not what is called well developed in literary fiction. But this is chick-lit, not entirely serious and has enough quirks to raise it above the level of, say, Marian Keyes.

Anyway, now I've read it so I can watch the movie and say I've read a Jennifer Weiner book.

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