Friday, October 26, 2007


All Over But the Shouting, Rick Bragg, Random House Inc, 1997, 328 pp

Last Christmas, two of my reading groups had book exchanges, where you take a book off your shelf, wrap it up and exchange it at the holiday party. I got this book that way. It is a memoir and I was completely absorbed while reading it. I finished it in one day.

Rick Bragg was born a poor white child in Alabama to a strong mother and an alcoholic father who deserted his family. Bragg grew up to become a reporter for various newspapers, finally working for The New York Times and winning a Pulitzer Prize for journalism. According to him, he did it all for his Momma, to pay her back for her devotion and sacrifices to her children.

He entirely evokes the life of the poor Southerner and his writing is first class. Highly recommended if you like memoirs and stories about strong mothers.

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