Saturday, May 16, 2009


Darwin's Radio, Greg Bear, Ballantine Books, 1999, 524 pp

I finished this book about a month before I wrote this micro review. It won the Nebula Award in 2000 and it is totally great. Science, medicine, government, business, politics are all involved in a story about anomalies that begin to show up in pregnant women and babies and look to certain scientists like some kind of evolutionary step but to government like a kind of virus plague similar to AIDS.

The heroes are two scientists with excellent minds. Kaye is a geneticist and Mitch an archaeologist. They each have huge personal issues but finally team up, get married and successfully have one of the "new" babies. The story reads like a thriller and for me was like nothing I've read before, though Asimov and Heinlein are clearly influences on this author.

I wish I had written this up more immediately after finishing it because I have forgotten many details but I will for sure be reading more Greg Bear.

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