Thursday, December 03, 2009


Four to Score, Janet Evanovich, St Martin's Press, 1998, 294 pp

After reading bunches of historical fiction, I was ready for something contemporary and light. And was I ever thrilled to find out that a couple in one of my reading groups also secretly reads Evanovich for fun!

In the fourth Stephanie Plum adventure, though it was published over a decade ago, we find a transvestite and a gay musician mixed up with car theft, jealous lovers and counterfeit money. Enough to give a reader indigestion. (Was I maybe just a tad naive in the 90s? Yes.)

Actually the mystery in this one is slightly lame and Stephanie moves more slowly than in the previous books. The crimes seem tame, though she does barely escape death by explosion and fire. What is most exciting are the developments between Stephanie and Morelli, the horny cop. They actually "do it", many times, in Four to Score. Get it?

So I wasn't disappointed. I laughed long and out loud many times. I thrilled to see something more than lust between Plum and Morelli and my reading palate was cleansed for more serious fare.

(Four to Score is available in paperback by special order from Once Upon A Time Bookstore.)

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