Sunday, February 13, 2011


Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren, The Viking Press, 1950, 116 pp

 When I was in sixth grade, I achieved the distinction of being placed in the "independent" reading group. This meant I no longer had to sit in a circle and read aloud or listen to my classmates read aloud. Best of all, it meant I could choose my own books. Pippi Longstocking was my first pick and I was astonished that I got to read such a cool book in school.

  Pippi was an inspiration to me because she got to live in a house without parents, cook her own meals and clean up when she felt like it. She had had wonderful adventures at sea with her father, was super-strong and had figured out how to talk back to grownups without getting in trouble. Junie B Jones must be a descendant of Pippi, but even Junie always has to learn a lesson. Pippi make sure she teaches the lesson!

 A few months ago I read my way through the Stieg Larsson trilogy about the dragon tattooed girl. Larsson has said that his heroine's personality is loosely based on Pippi. No wonder I liked her so much.

 Reading Pippi Longstocking again fifty years later was just as much fun. I had not realized how much of an influence Pippi has had in my life.

(Pippi Longstocking is available in paperback on the shelves for readers 8-12 at Once Upon A Time Bookstore.)


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    As a child I missed out on Pippi Longstocking. (Might have been due to growing up outside the USA, but more likely because I was more of an outdoors type of kid.)
    I read the book for the first time when my oldest daughter brought it home from the elementary school library.
    Even as an adult, I could see right away that Pippi was my kind of girl.

    From A to Z

  2. Maybe we should start a Pippi Longstocking fan club!

  3. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hi Judy: I havent' read the boks, but as a child the movies came on channel 5 on Saturdays and I would watch all day in amazement and awe. I loved her. I will have to put one of the books on my list. Is it a series?

  4. Lisa, There is a series. The one I reviewed here is the first one and the only one I've read. I love it so much I hesitate to read the others in case they are not as good. I know. I'm weird sometimes.

  5. Hi Judy, It's been a long time since I've commented. Sorry I've been so quiet.
    I read all Pippi Longstocking books so many times when I was a kid. She's one of the reasons I grew my hair out, so I could wear braids that stuck straight out. (Mine never did, though.)
    I'd not been interested in Stieg Larsson's books, but after reading your review of Pippi, I guess I need to go get them!