Saturday, August 02, 2014


Somehow it is already August. At this very moment in Los Angeles, it is cloudy with a cool breeze. I am not fooled. It will be hot again any minute. I think the above picture looks cool and refreshing though.

Apparently I still can't get enough of discussing books with readers in person. I have joined another group. Crazy I know but though I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger, I still like my social networking to happen with actual live people where possible.

So here are the books I will be discussing with actual live people this month:

New Book Club:

Tina's Group:

Once Upon A Time Adult Fiction Group:

One Book At A Time:

Bookie Babes:

LA Girly Book Club:

Quite a wide variety of books wouldn't you say? Which ones have you read and/or discussed with a group?

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