Monday, August 10, 2015


I committed to continuing the Reading Group Update. Finally getting around to it.

The New Book Club:

One Book At A Time:

Bookie Babes:
Tina's Group:
Rather a short month. I dropped out of one group because we always met in noisy restaurants and sat at long tables, making discussion less than satisfying. The Tiny Book Group is on hiatus for the summer. As always, I would love to know what your reading groups are reading and which books make for good discussions.

Happy Reading!


  1. Hi Judy: I'm back. I like your site and you read faster or more than I do, so I can get further info if I should read something or not. I assume I need to read the Herman Koch novel b/c I see comments on that one quite frequently. How good is it? I did read and like Euphoria like it took me into the jungle for awhile. Here are my thoughts on it at

    1. Thanks! After Euphoria I read Mead's autobiography, Blackberry Winter. It was also great. I was not a big fan of The Dinner for various reasons. I think I have a review of it here on the blog somewhere. You can search for it. But I was in the minority on that one.