Monday, August 31, 2015


In July I my husband and I took a trip to Michigan for a family wedding and a reunion with his cousin on the shore of Lake Huron. I never made it to the ocean beach (surprisingly not that many residents of LA go to the beach very often and I am one of those.) But I made it to one of the Great Lakes!

I read one more book than I did in June but I am still being a slacker compared to earlier years. As long as I am being obsessive about stats, I am up one from this time last year!

Stats: 8 books read, 7 by women, 2 memoirs, 1 autobiography, 1 nonfiction.
Favorites: The Chronology of Water is the most powerful memoir I've ever read. Blackberry Winter is the autobiography of Margaret Mead, one of my sheros. The Little Brother.
Least favorite: The Weight of Heaven.

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  1. Timothy Egan is a pretty good writer. What did you think of the Worst Hard Time? I liked his early book from the 1990s called The Good Rain. Good nonfiction stuff. I was living in Seattle at the time, so I could related to that book back then. cheers

    1. It was the only book I have read by him but I thought it was good nonfiction. In fact, it read like a novel. Plus I learned more about the Dust Bowl than I ever had before. It is grim, what those people went through, but also a lesson in ecology that relates to what we are doing to the whole environment now.