Sunday, September 20, 2015


It was hot in August. I stayed in my air conditioned reading cave and read books. I also turned 68! OMG!! 

Stats: 11 books read. 8 by women. 3 from 1962. 2 non-fiction.
Favorites: Some Luck, Miss Emily, The World Between Two Covers, Youngblood Hawke.
I didn't have a least favorite. It was a good reading month.

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  1. Happy belated birthday in August. Just turned 50 here, blah. On the positive side: You get thru a lot of books per month. Must say I was disappointed with Watchman and also put down Some Luck near the beginning. Maybe I need to pick it back up??

    1. I remember 50. I was so traumatized I wrote a poem about it. Now I am 68 and that is even more freaky. Watchman had very mixed reviews. I put my review of that on Goodreads, if you want to read it. Are you on Goodreads? I pretty much love anything Jane Smiley writes and this one is a family saga with some pretty cool women in it. Don't know if it is to your tastes though.
      Thanks for all your comments today. Made my day!