Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rivers of Gold

Call me naive, but I still get a thrill out of meeting people on-line. One day I was googling an author (F VanWyck Mason) who wrote a 1949 bestseller called Cutlass Empire. The second item I got took me to blog called Rough Edges which is written by James Reasoner. Turns out Mr Reasoner is an author of westerns, historical fiction, adventure stories and is also a big pulp fiction fan. He had some interesting biographical info about Van Wyck Mason.

So I sent James Reasoner an email and one thing led to another. He now has one of my CD's and I have one of his books, Rivers of Gold. Not only does he have his own series of books, but he also co-authors books with his wife Livia. Then they call themselves JL Reasoner and that is the case with Rivers of Gold.

It is a story of Gold Rush days in California, when everybody and his brother headed for the hills with dreams of untold riches. All we have left of that spirit is the lottery (and maybe the dreams of young musicians.) Rivers of Gold has adventure, mayhem, love and even riches, although they are made by a savvy woman from Boston who opens a store in San Francisco which supplies miners. You really get the feel of the times and the chaos of a new adventure in American history.

I am sorry that I haven't yet figured out how to put links into this blog, but you can visit Rough Edges by going to www.jamesreasoner.blogspot.com. Be sure to tell him I sent you

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