Sunday, August 12, 2012


Jean and Johnny, Beverly Cleary, William Morrow, 1959, 247 pp


Jean and Johnny is the third of Cleary's novels for young adults. For me it did not have the magic of Fifteen or The Luckiest Girl. Even so, she captured pretty exactly the feelings of a 14-year-old girl who wonders whether or not a boy likes her. I especially could relate to the phenomenon of becoming completely tongue-tied when in the presence of said boy.

What bothered me was how passive Jean would be in any situation concerning Johnny. She was so blind to how much of a self-centered player he was. I am aware that I was the same way at that age but I am not proud of it.

I am pleased to say that my granddaughter, who just turned 14, is much more self-possessed. We HAVE come a long way baby!

(Jean and Johnny is available on the shelves at Once Upon A Time Bookstore. It is also available by order as an eBook.)

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