Sunday, May 08, 2016


Quite a variety of genres and subject matter this month. 

Tina's Group:
As I am a bit late posting the reading group update this month, this group has already met. So I can report that in this male/female mixed group, the women liked the book, the men panned it. 
Laura's Group:

I played hookie for this one and did not read the book either. It sounded like not my cup of tea, but I am reading The Past, similar topic but assured literary writing.

Tiny Book Club:
A non-fiction/memoir on sexual fluidity, etc. Looking forward to reading it but not sure if I will like it or not. Stay tuned.
One Book At A Time:
Pretty excited that one of my reading groups chose a Joyce Carol Oates book! I haven't read this one before, appropriate for Mother's Day month. We will see what they think.
Bookie Babes:
And a crime/mystery thriller by the great Sara Paretsky. I have already read this one but am excited to discuss it as I know the Bookie Babes include some serious mystery readers.
Are you attending any reading groups this month? What will you discuss?


  1. Hello dear Judy! What a list, I certainly choose a Joyce Carol Oates book!! Have a lovely week Judy

  2. I hope you enjoy your reading month.

  3. Hmm. I was curious about The Argonauts awhile back, so I need the word on that one. My book club has assigned TC Boyle's novel The Tortilla Curtain for a June meeting -- and I'm thinking you probably have read that one, right? Is it good?

    1. Starting The Argonauts in a few minutes. I have read lots of TC Boyle. I love him! But haven't read Tortilla Curtain yet. I want to!